Professional Audio Webinars

Presented by Sennheiser Sound Academy and Guests

Register for our June 21st - How good audio lifts your video to a more professional level Webinar

With our first webinar in the series we will be focussing on introducing you to some audio basics. We want to make sure that everyone is of the same understanding when it comes to audio and microphone technology. This way when we discuss technology during the next webinars you will better understand what we are talking about.

During these session you can learn about the different technologies in use in microphones and you will learn some audio terminology so as to give you a deeper understanding of what we will be talking about in future webinars.

You will have the opportunity to join two sessions on June 21st 2019 at

· 10 am Central European Time (Berlin, Paris)

· 5pm Hong Kong Time (Perth, Singapore)

· 7pm Sydney Australia Time

or the same day at

· 4 pm Central European Time (Berlin, Paris)

· 10 am Eastern Standard Time (New York)

· 7 am Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles)

Where: Link to be provided upon registration.
Duration: 1 Hour (30 minutes of which is for Questions and Answers from the attendees)
Registration: Required - recording provided to registered participants.