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Trois pôles, 21 filiales et environ 2 000 employés : ensemble, nous créons le son d'excellence de Sennheiser. Les chiffres clés ci-dessous offrent un résumé de notre entreprise. Pour bénéficier d'informations plus approfondies et consulter nos résultats annuels les plus récents, vous pouvez également lire notre rapport annuel.

Turnover by business division

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Turnover by region

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Number of employees

Employees as of 03-01-2022*

Employees by region

Employees by region as of 03-01-2022*


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Divided by divisions, the turnover in the Professional Division amounted to €371.4 million, while the Consumer Division generated an operating turnover of €264.9 million.

AMERICAS €190.6m AMERICAS €190.6m EMEA €279.7m EMEA €279.7m APAC €166.0m APAC €166.0m

In 2021, the EMEA region continued to be the region with the highest turnover with €279.7 million. In the APAC region, Sennheiser generated turnover of €166.0 million and in the Americas region €190.6 million.


Every day, 1,969 employees worldwide work with passion
to fulfill the wishes of our customers.
*(after closing of the sale of the Consumer Segment)

  • 11%


  • 9%


  • 80%


With its own 21 sales subsidiaries and long-term sales partners, Sennheiser is active in more than 50 countries. We have 22 trainees worldwide.
*(after closing of the sale of the Consumer Segment)

Dr. Andreas Sennheiser and Daniel Sennheiser

Depuis 2013, l'entreprise est dirigée conjointement par Daniel Sennheiser et le Dr Andreas Sennheiser.

Rapport annuel

Rapport annuel

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Sennheiser Tax Strategy

Sennheiser Tax Strategy

Responsible action in terms of taxes requires a corresponding framework. At Sennheiser this framework is given by this tax strategy, which is adopted by our management and applies to all of the Sennheiser subsidiaries. Plus